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monocolor is the photography division of the moiseb design company founded by artist Sebastian Moise in 2008.

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About Me

The love for beauty and arts came very early for me – as a kid, I was always fascinated with my parents’ and relatives’ photo cameras and modern magazines. I never had a real interest in films, but always loved to stare at a beautiful image, and it grew on me.

Creating beauty is a great challenge and letting it guide you trough life is a bliss.

At about ten (1992), I had my first camera – with photografic film, obviously; shots were rare, but the love for optics developed, searching for imaginary frames, looking for beauty in every corner of my world.

Since then, photo shooting has always been there, in my mind, but only in the years 2000, with the arrival of the digital camera, I could stop just dreaming of it and make it true. Since then, there has not been a moment wasted in the search for beauty.

In the year 2005 I won an important prize in a very big photo challenge (“See Orange” – the fourth edition), which made me decide to go Pro. I still have, on a wall, the diploma awarded that day.

In 2008 it all got official – I started my own company, MoiSeb Design, and dedicated my life to this goal.

Since then, I had multiple other challenges, made desk lamps, interior designs, website designs, logos. I am well aware that in this quest for beauty you cannot have enough just by capturing it – beauty must also be created.

In the recent years, I started developing Bicycle designs, some of which are to be found on the website.

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